Eco-Conscious Businesses in NYC

The terms "eco-conscious" and "New York City" are often interchangeable, and they often come up in the same sentence. After all, New York City is one of the most sustainable cities on the planet, and by far the most sustainable in the United States depending on the metrics you use. Therefore, finding businesses in the Big Apple that have a more eco-friendly modus operandi and care about environmental issues is really not that difficult of a thing to do. No matter what borough you're in, no matter what time of day, and no matter what your budget is, finding an eco-friendly business in New York City is absolutely possible.

ThinkEco is one of a growing range of companies with offices in New York City that is trying to tackle the issue of unnecessary electricity consumption. Even though New York City uses a substantially lower amount of electricity per person than the rest of the country, there is always room for improvements when it comes to renewable energy resources. ThinkEco specializes in small electrical outlet modulators. Clients buy the modulator, plug it into their outlet, and then plug their appliances into the modulator. The modulator can be read by any computer, and it contains statistics like peak energy usage through the day and accumulated Kilowatt usage. By using this information, users can program the modulator to completely shut off electricity to whatever is plugged into the modulator at specific times of the day. This greatly reduces the amount of money that users pay because it eliminates the "standby" power usage that all appliances draw even when they're not in use.

Ms. Green Clean is a business that is capitalizing on the growing trend toward environmentally conscious cleaning services. As time has gone on, people have become more aware of the toxic chemicals found in most commercial cleaning products. This enhanced awareness has led to a greater understanding of the risks associated with these products, and it has opened a window for a very lucrative environmentally friendly cleaning industry in New York City. Ms. Green Clean has been nominated by New York Magazine as the best cleaning service in all of New York City, and they provide a broad range of services. The trick with their operation is diversity. They offer everything from general to intensive cleaning services, as well as event packages. For example, Ms. Green Clean, which operates across Manhattan, the East Village. and Chelsea, will set up events, staff them, and then tear down after the event is over. The difference between Ms. Green Clean and a regular catering company is that it won't just dump everything into a big bag and toss it in the trash. It will make sure to get all recyclables out and only throw away what is absolutely necessary, helping to ensure a much greener event for its clients.

Return Textiles is another example of how green business models can take off in New York City. This company is a very unique recycler and manufacturer of textiles through a variety of means. The approach of Return Textiles is two-fold: reissue old textile materials and fabricate new textile materials from recycled goods. For example, one of the most lucrative "new" products that comes out of Return Textiles is something called Bionic Yarn. This yarn is made out of recycled plastic bottles, and it can be used in a variety of textile applications. Currently, the largest client of Return Textiles is the shoe manufacturer Timberland. Bionic Yarn is used in over 90 of Timberland's shoe and boot models, and each shoe contains anywhere between three and eight plastic bottles. Overall, Return Textiles recycles roughly 1.7 million plastic bottles every year, generating a significant positive impact on the local environment.