Eco Conscious Decorating and Renovations in New York

There are a lot of ways for people to decorate or renovate their home in an environmentally-friendly way. Even large renovation projects can be performed in a way that does not negatively impact the environment. In fact, there is a growing contingent of people around the New York City area that refuse to decorate or renovate any other way.

This has given rise to a number of businesses that are capitalizing on this new shift in priorities. These businesses sometimes deal in newly manufactured goods that are produced in more sustainable ways. Other businesses find ways to refurbish old materials into usable project materials. Whatever route you decide to take in your next green renovation or decoration project, there is something out there that you'll like.

Sustainable Materials

The old methods of material fabrication are obscenely wasteful at best. This is especially true with hardwoods used in furniture construction and certain types of metals. The industries that harvest the raw materials used in the fabrication of building supplies are notorious for CO2 emissions and water quality issues. While this is not true with all businesses in these industries, it is a stigma that affects everyone that works in raw materials harvesting.

Some of the most popular materials now are recycled metals and re-purposed timber materials. Recycled metals are especially popular and are a commonly used building material for girders and struts in renovation projects. These are often constructed out of recycled food cans and soda cans.

Old wood products are chopped down to chips and used in the fabrication of new particle board. The particle board can be used as a wall and floor material if properly insulated. The glues used to hold the particles of the board together can also be created using many natural plant-based chemicals. This is a significant improvement over the standard petroleum-based adhesives used on most "non-renewable" particle boards.

One of the best places in New York City to buy materials like this is called the Green Depot. Green Depot is a chain of building supply stores that can be found on both coasts. The company specializes in providing customers with more sustainable options when they are trying to develop a more eco-friendly building project. The materials here all go through an extensive vetting process and are priced at rates that most people can afford.

Green Decoration and Renovation Tips

The simplest way for anyone to be eco-conscious during a decoration or renovation project is to keep "reusable" in mind. The amount of waste that people create during construction would be mind boggling to the average person. There are businesses that scoop up these "waste" products and turn them into useful materials for design and construction.

When renovating, always keep efficiency in mind. Some efficiency upgrades can cost a lot initially. However, the initial cost is greatly outweighed by the amount of money efficiency can save you over time.

Green decorating is an interesting way to turn traditional design concepts on their head. Instead of using patterned and consistent decorations, you are more free to explore the space. Using remnants or unique color palates when painting will allow you to put a unique spin on the space you are designing.

Decorating and Renovating the Smart Way

For a long time, environmentally sustainable building materials were expensive. Since they were considered a "specialty" product, they were not sold as much and were therefore more expensive. However, that tide has changed significantly over the past few decades. Now, it is much easier to renovate and decorate in a more environmentally friendly way without compromising your aesthetics or your standards.