Eco Conscious Building and Construction in New York

Green building and construction concepts are becoming an extremely popular alternative to less sustainable building practices. People all over the world are starting to embrace the money that can be saved through smarter building. They are also starting to understand the many other benefits that come with building in a more eco-conscious way.

Nowhere is this mentality more prevalent than in New York City. New York is home to some of the greenest buildings on Earth. It is also home to some of the greenest development companies that have ever been formed. The confluence of education, prestige, and ambition has helped turn green building into a very profitable industry.

The Greenest Builders in New York City

Urban Green Builders specializes in the construction of many different types of buildings using cutting-edge advancements in green building. The company is not very large, but it is a highly motivated green builder in the city. Many people recognize Urban Green Builders as one of the few companies motivated by something other than profit. While many businesses are jumping on the green building bandwagon to make money, Urban Green Builders is making money in a way that adheres to a specific set of ethics.

That isn't to say that there aren't businesses in New York City that are dedicated to green building just for the money. There are other companies like Dulce Green Builders that take green building principles to heart. Dulce goes farther than simply being involved in building. The company also helps businesses and residences increase their use of renewable energy sources.

There are also many organizations in the city that help advocate for greener building practices. The Urban Green Council is one of the most respected and well-developed of these groups. The council helps to advocate for green building practices by lobbying at the state and local level. The Urban Green Council also utilizes a number of outreach channels to capture the attention of local New Yorkers.

The Greenest Buildings in New York City

11 Times Square

This skyscraper has a Gold LEED rating to attest to its green construction. There are a lot of interesting things that the building is designed to do which help make it more environmentally friendly. Among these are highly sophisticated air circulation systems and water collection systems. The water collected is used for a number of things around the building that don't require potable water.

Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower is constructed primarily out of recycled materials. These recycled materials were also harvested from within 500 miles of the site. This means that materials weren't shipped thousands of miles, saving CO2 emissions and other waste. The building has an onsite power generation plant that generates up to 70% of the energy the building uses.

The Visionaire

Many people consider the Visionaire to be the greenest skyscrapers in the United States. It is one of the few skyscrapers of its size in the United States to achieve a Platinum LEED rating. There is a small power generation facility on the roof that supplies a reasonable amount of electricity to the building. There is also a greywater system that uses non-potable water to water the rooftop green-space and flush toilets.

New York as a Green Hub

New York City is on the cutting edge of a number of different fields. This is especially true when it comes to eco-conscious initiatives. Developers are starting to utilize green building concepts at a much faster rate here than in other parts of the United States. This is a trend that is only expected to continue as the technology and building advancements become more refined.