Eco-Conscious Business News

When it comes to environmental news outlets, New York City is a major contender. Not only is New York a hub of environmental activism, but it is also home to some of the most internationally respected news organizations in the entire world. With this mixture of world-class news organizations and world-class activists, there is certainly no shortage of environmental news sources here.

No discussion of environmental business news outlets would be complete without mentioning the environmental news section of the New York Times. The Times is arguably one of the most well-known, well-respected, and well-read newspapers in the entire world. Its section on the environment is available free online, and it covers an immense range of issues that are of both global and local significance. In one issue, the section can be spattered with stories about nuclear cleanups going on in Japan in the wake of their tsunami and resulting nuclear power disaster. In another issue, the section will be talking about the hydraulic fracturing issue that is happening right in its backyard. The New York Times is a very popular online destination for New Yorkers to get information about the world and their own local environmental issues.

Farther out in the western part of the state, is a thriving hub of information on environmental issues of importance to the region. The site itself is certainly very minimalist, but what it lacks in design prowess it surely makes up for in terms of content. The site is regularly updated with new pieces of information about local environmental news, as well as environmental job opportunities. It's an "all purpose" type of site, but the local coverage is second to none. For anyone looking to work, live, or even visit western New York, sites like are essential sources of information, especially for businesses with offices in Rochester.

The New York State chapter of the League of Conservation Voters also has a very active base in the state as well. The League is really a double-sided venture that hopes to both enlighten the community and engage them with conservation issues. Their social networking presence is very active, and they consistently give updates on important environmental actions and news on the front page of their site. In addition to these news-based ventures, the New York League of Conservation Voters is also heavily involved in local politics and policy efforts that effect the environment. They have been instrumental in the passing of numerous pieces of legislation, and have been actively involved in a number of conservation campaigns throughout the state. is another one of these "bare-bones" sites, but it contains a wealth of news of local importance. The news offered here is generally in relation to energy issues such as gas prices and renewable energies, but there is a dynamic interplay between many issues on the site. For example, there is a large amount of space dedicated to energy policy news. However, with hydraulic fracturing being such a contentious issue in the area, water quality issues are generally tied in with those energy news snippets. After all, a major contention of those opposed to hydraulic fracturing is that it irrevocably poisons the drinking water of the areas in which it's practiced. In this way, is able to keep issues topical and approach them in a way that is important to New Yorkers. There are, of course, many different ways to approach these issues, but this site focuses on the ways in which these issues impact people of the area, giving it a much more "personalized" flair.

Without sites like these, keeping track of the many environmental issues in New York, including Wall Street, would be nearly impossible. By subscribing to their RSS feeds or checking back regularly, New Yorkers can ensure that they'll never be out of the loop.