Eco-Conscious Business Events

The environmental movement is alive and well in New York City. While many cities seem to relegate their environmental awareness to private citizenry, New York has a long and reputable history of business-led environmental responsibility. Green businesses and offices in New York City, and especially Manhattan, are springing up at an unbelievable rate, and this has led to a growing community surrounding these new services and products. The result is a very strong tie between businesses and the community which has led to many environmentally-themed business festivals and conferences that both promote business and sustainability.

For example, the Green Holiday Festival is a new yearly event that happens around Christmas time to help spread Eco-conscious holiday cheer. The point of the festival is to showcase the diverse field of environmental businesses out there in time for the holiday season. The festival shows off Eco-friendly products in every category from high fashion to kids toys, and it also focuses a lot of attention on local environmentally friendly businesses. This focus is twofold. On one hand, the festival focuses on regular businesses that operate in a very sustainable way. On the other hand, the festival also showcases environmentally-themed businesses. For example, there are booths for cruelty-free clothing, skin care, and cleaning products at the festival. There are also booths for green-roof companies, rainwater diversion companies, and many other similar companies that embody the green ethic. These service providers will also be on hand to give demonstrations of their products, as well as a little background into how these products and services can enhance the lives of festival-goers.

There are even some environmentally-themed events and conventions in New York City that aren't necessarily "endemic" to the city. There are a lot of nationally and internationally renowned festivals that choose New York City as a semi-yearly destination. One of these events is the Green Festival, which will be held in New York State this year. The event is billed as one of the most trusted and respected environmental festivals in the country, and it always draws a large crowd wherever it goes. The festival will have a full panel of speakers to talk about every aspect of green living imaginable, and the other standard festival elements are there. Games are centered around environmental issues, there are do it yourself projects, and there are even educational events for children. The food will be from a laundry list of international, national, and local organic food suppliers -- with everything from organic beer to organic finger-foods available.

No discussion of Eco-conscious business events in New York City would be complete without mentioning the yearly Social Good Summit. This event draws in entrepreneurs and business owners from around the country into a singular space in New York City. The ideas shared here have an indelible impact on the direction that the future of sustainability will have in the United States in the foreseeable future. Every year, guest speakers come from around the world to share their visions for the future, as well as to present options for funding on various environmentally-themed initiatives. This event focuses mostly on the ways in which sustainability measures impact social justice and fair trade.

Many events call New York City home, and a large percentage of these events are environmentally themed. With the growth of the environmental business sector, there is a greater understanding of the ways in which personal choices affect the world at large. With this greater understanding has come a desire in business leaders to make more environmentally and socially responsible choices. As a social hub, it is no surprise that New York City plays host to such a wide range of Eco-conscious business events.