Eco-Conscious Business Groups

Environmental business organizations are one way in which environmentally conscious business owners' network with each other and share ideas. They are a font for ideas that can circulate between the close-knit community that exists within environmental circles, and they have led to many instances of cooperation between business owners. The role that these organizations play in the overall planning and implementation of environmental advancements and renewable energy sources should not be understated, and should indeed be explored. The truth is that environmental business organizations give eco-conscious businesses an outlet for criticism, and an avenue through which they can build upon their own business model. Due to the very unique standards of environmentally conscious businesses, this more specialized business group truly is a necessary component to focus the efforts of these businesses into real, dynamic growth.

One such group in New York City is called New York City Business SMART, with "SMART" standing for Sustainably Minded Action Roundtable. The group started in 2009 as an outlet through which socially and environmentally-minded businesspeople could meet and gain deeper insight regarding sustainability and profits. The point of the group is to provide a base for businesspeople that believe business is capable of doing much more for society than make a few people very rich. By helping to bring the concept of social and environmental responsibility into the mind of the business community and organising conventions, the group hopes to redefine the role of business in the local community. This group is free for anyone to join, and it holds regular meetings.

A few hours outside of New York City, there are regular meetings for the Upstate Green Business Network. This network is comprised of numerous businesses throughout the New York State area that are interested in green issues. They hold regular cocktail hours in different locations throughout the region, hoping to bring as many business owners as possible into the fold. This organization isn't just about networking, though-- it's also about spreading information. It focuses on disseminating information on environmental best practices, environmental ethics, and methods businesses can use to green their operations.

The Environmental Business Association of New York State is more of a trade organization than a networking organization. Its overall goal is to help make New York a much more friendly environment for the development of environmental business and services. The organization started as a result of the many bureaucratic hoops that businesses had to go through in order to get started in New York City. These hoops were often far too costly for burgeoning businesses to handle, and it was a severe detriment to the growth of the environmental sector in the state. The Environmental Business Association of New York State works to ease the problems faced by new business owners in the state, hopefully with the end result of creating a more diverse and healthy environmental business sector throughout the state. One of the ways the association accomplishes this is through programs that help push environmental technologies along the road from concept to production much more quickly.

With the environmental movement gaining more ground on a daily basis in New York, especially areas like Tribeca, there is no shortage of eco-conscious businesses out there to capitalize on these new sensibilities. To get a little extra helping hand, businesses will sometimes become a part of a larger organization, and this can have both positive and negative effects. However, the simple fact that they provide networking opportunities to their members is a "standalone" benefit that cannot be overlooked. Since many eco-conscious business owners care about much more than just their "bottom line", it's important to create venues through which they can meet and share ideas on how to turn a profit without turning a blind eye to environmental degradation.